time flies.

Muddy freezing dripping British Columbia. The weathers been moody. Like we don’t need coats anymore, but now we need coats and toques and gloves because it’s so cold again.. Our snow pile at school is slowly getting smaller, although there is still quite a lot. We have had the most glorious sunshine days and the sunsets are getting downright ridiculous with their beauty.

January went by so quickly. You don’t even know what we did at Christmas because it’s been so long since I’ve written. To sum it up, we drove down to Mackay, ID, where my sister Madison teaches and met my family there. We had such a happy time together with Mark&Rhoda and Uncle Mike’s. We brought Mom back with us and she has been staying here with us ever since! Our school started January 10, a week late because of government restrictions but it worked out well for us because we got to spend the week with Mom. Our aide broke her leg right before school restarted so Mom got to fill in for her at school most of the month and that was so fun having her around helping out. She helped my class and I with art on Fridays, and made a Navajo taco lunch for my class on the Navajo Day we had one day. We have gone thrifting and shopping a few times and had so.much.company. Or at least it feels like it anyway. We have also been invited out a lot. I’m happy Mom got to be with our friends and was actually able to get to know them more than just seeing them once on a Sunday morning. We took mom to the airport in Kelowna on the 14th so Morgan and I took the afternoon off. I just do not like being apart from my family, and I guess we didn’t get Mom persuaded to stay here with us:) I will probably be very sad for awhile so my email is cheyzzle@gmail.com if you want to supply me with Starbucks treats to make me feel better. haha.

In an effort to stave off lonesomeness since its February and Mom isn’t around, we are working in the bus every evening so we can move back into it in a week or two. I am doing a deep clean before we move in, wiping out the drawers and washing the dishes and that kind of thing. After living in it for a year and road tripping and then sitting for winter, it needs some TLC. We had a little leak on one wall this winter so we may need to do some touch-up painting as well. We are so excited to start bus life again! Uncle Orlins came back a couple days ago, and the guys are going to work on getting gravel to our bus spot so we can move it down by the shop.

all the coffee shops. and avocado toasts.

We went to Pincher Monday and Tuesday for in-service so that was a fun getaway. We drove through Cherryville where we have a baby congregation, then got to take the ferry across Upper Arrow Lake, into Nakusp and down into Nelson where we spent night. We found good Mexican food and coffee shops and it was lovely. We spent a night at Scott&Mary and the other night at Justin&Lindsey’s. Got to spend a supper with Sheldon&Loralie and another with Jerry&Wendy and Craigs. Kelly&Jo brought hot lunch for us at school so we feel we got caught up with a few people at least. So fun to see my old students all grown up sort of and in Scott’s class now.

This morning Morgan took me out to House of Armstrong for coffee which was delicious. I watched some eagles for awhile outside in the sunshine so I guess I’ve turned into an old lady bird watcher. No regrets. There are a lot of bald eagles around here and they are just beautiful. We also saw a couple coyotes this morning which caused an argument because they are so pretty and should not be hunted but Morgan has been influenced by Landon and Clark (some of his students) and has actually gone coyote hunting with them so that doesn’t make me angry, just very disappointed. Haha. Anyways Morgan went with friends this afternoon and I am in Vernon. I went to the library for awhile and got a coffee while I listened to my book. I am enjoying this little alone time. Also, I have some books I’m trying to finish reading, so stay tuned for a book suggestion list I’m working on. Have a lovely weekend friends.♡


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