spring break.

Horse Trailer Tacos in Vancouver

We had spring break the 18th-25th of March and decided to drive down to Vancouver. We spent a couple days there, wandering the sidewalks and looking out coffee shop windows spattered with raindrops at the blur of cars and people. I liked Vancouver in the rain. It made me want to sit in a coffee shop nook and read while I sipped an ever-hot, refilling latte. We found a taco place in a horse trailer which was really cute. One afternoon we went to the Museum of Art which I wasn’t particularly impressed with but it was interesting I guess. I’m super excited about going back to the Louvre in Paris. Also did I mention we are going to Europe this summer? I can’t remember. More on that later. It was nice to be back where seagulls and boats and the ocean existed in smells and sounds around us. I love our mountains and the bald eagles constantly on cruise in the thermals by our bus, but there is something about the ocean that hits differently. We got the idea to look up Savarios since they’re doing tract work in the city and ended up meeting them and Lyle&Agatha(visiting from Manitoba) for supper. Then we went back to their place and spent a fun evening discussing everything we could think of. We drove home Thursday on the Sea to Sky Highway through Whistler. All in all, a relaxing spring break.

Friday evening we had a school fundraiser, the Route 97 Diner. Our kids all dressed in the cutest polka dot, black, red, and white outfits. The boys wore white and red paper hats and the girls had black and white checked aprons some of the oldest class girls had made. Our tables had red and white checked tablecloths on them with assorted Coca-Cola decor scattered around. The oldest class had made striped awnings for the food and drink areas, and red plastic baskets of cheeseburger, chips,potato salad or coleslaw, and a pickle were served by the students. For dessert we had ice cream sundaes. It was such a fun evening. Lots of people dressed up to attend and it was really cool seeing what everyone came up with from the 1950’s! The money donated is going to work on our softball diamond and playground.

We have been happy to get a little company the last month. Morgans parents came in March and spent Thursday-Tuesday here. We had some invitations to Randys, Trevors, and Lances if I remember right🤔 Casper&Janalee came from Carrot River over last weekend and spent it around here. We went for coffee Saturday morning and had supper with them at Uncle Orlans Saturday evening along with Rosemary, and Titus&Vicki and co. It was great fun to catch up with Janalee again from my Hesston days.

We gave our answers back to Enderby and I’m happy to say we are both going to be teaching there again with our dears Rosemary and Natalie. We are so happy. Morgan will have Grades 8&9 and I will have 3,4&5 which means I get to keep all of my super cool kids:) School is just cruising along. Colds have came through and Morgan and I finally caught them after holding them off since October. Pretty good I guess. We have Easter break next week so we are flying out to Kansas and meeting Madison to visit Grandma Jul and for Harry&Cheyenne’s wedding in western. The end of the month we are in charge of a brunch for a singspiration the youth are having here so that will be busy too.

The weather is warming up and it’s getting all beautifully green and the students just want to be outside all the time and I’m right there with them. Morgan has the shower finished at the bus and we hung a clothesline up so we are getting settled in it seems. The nights are quite cool and the steam from the shower rises into the night sky and I listen to the coyotes howling on our hill and Morgan laughing at something in the bus and I’m pretty happy. Last night the northern lights were flickering a little and it was lovely.


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