Getaways are the best. They give you a place and a time with no chores or work or things you feel you should be doing. They boost happiness levels and make everything feel like its ok again. I think they’re extremely good for your health too. Also for the cool memories.

July 4 morning we watched the parade in Atwater. Not as cool as they were when I was 7 but fun anyways. We went to the fire station after lunch so Morgan spent the afternoon running calls and I worked on some school stuff there. Morgan and Jon were on the engine for fireworks in the evening so alicia and I went to watch the fireworks together.

Friday night we went and helped folks and Randy&Tammys family sing at Grace Home. Then we went out for supper to villas in Livingston.

Saturday morning was a work and cleaning day at church so we went and helped there in the morning. Ryan&becca and Rachelle are home visiting so we had a family deal at Uncle Todd&Aunt Vals in the evening.

Sunday we went to folks for lunch and tried to stay cool in the afternoon. Bible study in the evening and went to Applebees after where Ryan&Becca who are visiting from deridder and mikail and ashton came and sat with us so it was a very jolly time.

Tuesday morning i picked up Abby and Jemma and had them help me with art projects at school in the morning. Went out for pizza lunch after.

Wednesday morning we went to folks at 5 and us and jalen drove up to Sonora Pass to do a day hike. We made breakfast at the trailhead from out of the vehicle and watched the sun come over the mountains. The trail was about a 3 mile loop. I guess I was car or altitude sick because I threw breakfast up halfway there so I decided to go back cuz I felt pretty crummy. I was super disappointed. So the guys went up and swam in the lake which still had ice in it and were back at the car in decent time and we drove to the top of Sonora Pass where the Pacific Crest Trail goes through. There are hikers who need rides down to bridgeport so we picked up a guy from florida and hauled him down to town. He did stuff in town while we ate burgers at Rhinos Grille. Then we headed back up the pass and picked up another guy who was from Israel and brought him up to the top too which was cool. The israeli guy had just finished the mandatory three years serving in Israel’s army and now that he’s free he is hiking the PCT. Interesting day. Drove home and grabbed pizza to bring home for supper. After supper Morgan and I went and visited Johnny and Bertha for awhile.

Thursday I was just home. Morgan worked in San Jose.. Had shrimp pasta for supper and then we went to basketball.

Its sposed to be between 100* and 104* the next 10 days so I’m guessing ill be in a pool most of the time. Our chickies are doing good. We think they’ll start laying in August! The garden is wilty because its so hot. Its hard to keep up with watering when you dont feel like beimg outside. Have a good week..go on a getaway😉


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