Hello dear friends. Eventually i’ll get on a schedule again and be able to write every week but so far i just rush from one thing to the next and end up getting nothing done.

A quick overview of the 4th-7th: spent an evening with some darling girls eating supper and walking around a lake; helped tiffany write out wedding invitation envelopes one evening; morgan arrived home safe from LA; we went to folks a couple times for supper. *gasp* what a surprise i know.

Last Saturday, the 8th, we left early in the morning and drove up to Willows. Madison drove down Friday night from Scio so we picked her up and drove to the hospital in Chico to visit Anthony and visit our Ross and also Jons and the rest. We were so glad we were close enough to be able to see Ross. Morgan, madi, ross, and i went out for lunch to a pizza place and got coffee at this extremely rad place in downtown Chico. Then we spent a couple hours at the hospital. Madi, Morgan and I went to a place in Paradise for the night. In the morning we went back to the hospital and spent a bit more time there, then took madi back to her car so she could head back to scio. Morgan and I went to Clark&Nicole’s reception at Glenn in the evening which was really fun and i actually knew people which was a bonus.

Monday night was our first school board meeting but luckily it went fine. haha. Morgan and I went to Justin&Shenda afterwards and drank iced mint tea and relaxed.

Wednesday evening we were just home for supper. I think we had spaghetti. After supper we drove to AT&T and bought me a new phone. Whatttt you may be saying. I am always the least excited for a new phone that is expensive and that i have to set up again and that i will probably drop and crack the screen on my way out of the store. But finally we got our own plan anyways so i got an S9 and it seems to work fine. On the way home we stopped at Lenny’s to talk to Charity Peters who we love who lives at Lenny’s who is here working from Montezuma. But she wanted to go home for a family members reacceptance so Morgan had the idea we should buy her a ticket so we did! So we dropped her itnerary stuff off and ended up talking for awhile. *other people have now contributed to her plane ticket so it’s become a joint effort:)

Thursday after school we always have a get together with the teachers in the lunch room so I never get home in very good time on Thursdays. So we went out to Applebees Thursday evening and came home and tried to clean up some of the piles in our house at least.

Saturday morning at 6:30 we went to folks’ and Morgan, Ja, and I got the van ready and went driving away into the sunrise. It was cool and beautiful and we drove up to Yosemite where we picked up a hitchhiker and hauled them into Yosemite Valley before we headed up Tioga Pass. We stopped beside the road where there were trees and mountains spread before us and made pancakes dipped in peanut butter and syrup and mostly cooked sausage patties. The little curtains and prayer flags fluttered in the back of the vanagon and I sat with my cozy hoodie and watched the trees slip away and sipped my tea until i spilled it on the floor. We stopped in Lee Vining which is this old small town with unique history and walked around and got ice cream cones. Then we drove back over the pass. It was cool and clear and the sky was blue blue blue. When we stopped and looked up at El Capitan, the clouds made it look like El Cap was falling. We got back to folks and they were gone so we made stir fry. I needed this day. it was tops.

Sunday we went to church and in the evening went to Ballico to listen to Matt and Sherry give their report on Haiti. It was so so interesting. There were snacks afterwards. My students spent alot of time today discussing Haiti/foreign countries/human sacrifices/voodoo so it was an interesting time of trying to let them discuss their ideas, but also making sure the conversation didn’t get too carried away.

Today is another Monday but also our FIRST ANNIVERSARY which is crazy. Can’t believe it’s been one year since i had the most perfect wedding ever. I have school and Morgan has work so we will go out for supper I think for now until we have time to do something else. Thanks for all the messages today♥ My students are learning metric units right now and it’s really throwing them for a loop. For art the last couple fridays we have been working on All About Me posters and they finally finished them so this last Friday we made magazine silhouette animals that turned out really cool. This is one of them.😍

Wishing everyone a safe week. Cheers. chey


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