Surprisingly, I’ve discovered that although California mostly has less seasons than most, they do have fall. Im happy about it. Nights are cool and days only around 80 mostly and it is beautiful. I’m settled into school as much as can be hoped for, I guess. I seriously have an amazing class with lots of spunk and enthusiasm so it makes for interesting times. Today we sang at Grace Home since a class goes once a month. Another really fun thing we started…i signed up for a monthly subscription to a thing called SnackCrate. Once a month a box is shipped to me that is filled with different kinds of snacks and drinks from a different country. Our first box we got Monday full of processed snacks and very interesting things from Japan so each student wrote a fact down about Japan from the World Book and throughout the day we tried the snacks. So they are all super enthused about our next box, wherever it comes from!

Last Wednesday evening around 8 we went to Levi’s and nabbed him to go with us to Turlock for sushi. We had just picked him up when we got word that Jalen had been out riding bike and got T boned by some little man. So we went over there and sure enough he was talking with the police. He was lucky he went onto the hood and not under the vehicle and it left us all relieved and a little shook up. We still went to eat sushi because it solves alot of problems.

All the teachers went to Jen and Audreys house for supper Thursday night. We are in charge of some things for the teacher meeting here at the end of the month so we did some brainstorming and it was fun to hang out away from school for a change. Also Jen and Audrey made these amazing open face enchiladas that had yum stuff to stack up and then topped off with a fried egg. What? you may be saying. But it was so so good.

Saturday was my love Morgan’s birthday so we met some pals at Jantz Cafe for breakfast. Then we came back to the house and tried to be responsible and clean the house before Clark&Nicole, of Glenn, who are truly darlings, arrived. In the evening Morgan and I helped folks fry catfish for Bryce&Savannas night before supper and then went to ball.

Sunday was Bryce’s wedding which was very nice of course. Lots of people. After lunch Clarks and Zane&Lindsey stopped over for a couple hours before they headed home so it was quite fun to make new friends and connect. It seems like being married gives me a spot to hang out with Morgan so i meet less people so I’m very happy to continue expanding my cool people circle.

Monday night we went out to La Sonrisa for supper and then I headed to school board meeting. Morgan played basketball too so I watched for a bit after the meeting. Then we went home anddd *dramatic pause* WE BOUGHT TICKETS TO ITALY!! Since I have set breaks it’s easy to plan trips so we decided to go to Italy over spring break because tickets were cheap. And Levi is coming with us! I’m so excited even though yes I realize its a ways off. So if you’ve got good travel tips for italy, let’s hear them!

This morning at 11, Morgan, Ja, and Dad flew out of San Francisco to Tokyo and then on to Cambodia where they will spend the next 11 days working on a job there. So tonight i am relaxing at home and waiting to hear from them when they arrive in a couple hours. I’m debating what to spend the weekend doing..and I just got word from the school board that I can go to my sister Madison’s kidney donation surgery on October 23 so i’ll see if that works out. Please pray that everything continues to work out for her and Darvins surgery. This week I realized again why i teach school in the form of…a student raising their hand to tell me i looked cute haha…a 100% spelling test grade for one of my kids who worked s.o. hard for it…a surprise Starbucks drink on my desk when I arrived on the morning I overslept. and so much more of course:) have a good weekend.


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