hello dears. i told Morgan yesterday that this has so far been the busiest year of teaching school. I think it’s because i always feel like i have other obligations besides school to worry about. Anyways, I run from teaching to recess to bathroom to gulping lunch and cramming the students with work. Then the day’s over and i work at checking and cleaning up and planning until i finally go home where i make fresh dinner rolls for supper and fresh strawberry jam and a huge supper. haha except for the last part about supper. I feel like doing nothing when i go home. luckily, Micah and Kandis are out visiting so we have had supper plans lots the last week!

Last Thursday night we went to Justins for supper and actually it was an early surprise party for my birthday! Melissa and children, Jake&Hannah, Jon&Alicia, and James&Jenn were there and we had awesome ribs by Jon and it was a very cool evening.

Friday night was Parent Teacher Meeting at school. We had supper with the family before Morgan and I went to school. It basically was just discussion about different school related topics before the parents come to your classroom and see the room and visit with you about whatever concerns they may have.

Saturday we slept in. We drove to Uncle Marshalls at noon for “Farm Day” which is where he and Grandpa fire up old engines and the Model T and give rides. Everyone goes and has lunch and spends the afternoon and then have supper. It was a fun day and quite hot out.

Sunday for lunch we all went to Jon Luke& Jamie’s for lunch. Their house is very cool and has a great view, or it will in spring when its green. We went and worked at school for several hours and then went to folks for supper and evening.

Monday morning at 2:30 am Morgan, Ja, Dad, Joe, Micah, Ralph and I left for Sausalito to go deep sea fishing! Yes. I teach school. But in my defense, I didn’t take off for our first anniversary soooo. Anyways we drove to the place of departure and left the dock at 6 i think. I’d been deep sea fishing before and hadn’t been sick but I was still worried about it so I really took precautions and was glad I had. The water was choppy going out but by the time we came in at 4 it was smooth sailing. We each caught 2 good sized salmon with the biggest being 37 inches and 28-30 pounds so it was a really good time of course!

Wednesday night Morgan and I went out for supper to olive garden to celebrate my birthday so that was wonderful of course.

Thursday was my birthday! Pretty normal day with cards in the mail and my class moms brought a party in the afternoon. Morgan worked late so I worked at home getting ready for the weekend!thanks all of you that texted me. This week st school we had fall week so every day I had a little activity for the class. Tuesday they had to guess how many candy corns were in a jar and the winner got to keep it. Wednesday they guessed how much a pumpkin weighed. Thursday we had hidden candy corns around the room that they counted. Friday was a box of things they had to feel and guess what was in the box. They all loved it I think!

Friday after school we went and picked rhoda up from Fresno. She’s here for a restaurant meeting until Tuesday so it is so awesome having her here at our house! Folks and the family came over for supper Friday night and we did pie irons on the fire. Hated to tell micahs goodbye:(

Saturday we shopped in turlock and met one of rhodas friends for lunch at 10 East which is so yum. I wrote out place cards for the wedding at winton Sunday. We went out for supper with steve&leann in the evening.

Have a happy week!🙂


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