Our plane didnt leave Munich until 730 PM so we had a good portion of the day to do some sightseeing. We researched beforehand and decided on going to the Dachau Concentration Camp, about an hour and a half train ride from where we were staying by the airport. I had never been to a concentration camp before and wasn’t sure I wanted to go but i love history and have read extensively about the World Wars so I knew I would rather go than not. The Dachau camp was the first WW2 concentration camp and ended up being an example for the rest that followed. Here is the link for more info. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dachau_concentration_camp

We took the bus from the train station to the camp and walked down the road from the railroad tracks to the entrance where thousands walked before us. The entrance to the camp itself, past the visitor center, is a once-white building that stands guard. The entrance gate in the middle of the building is a thick, wrought iron one that reads “Arebeit Macht Frei” or the Nazi slogan, “Work sets you free.” This particular camp was a forced labor camp, not necessarily meant for mass killings, although they later built a gas chamber and crematorium for those who succumbed to the workload.

We entered the gate into a large yard that contains a museum that once was the metal work shop, watchtowers, the prison, the crematorium, and rows where the barracks had stood. We walked through the museum and around the large yard. Most of the buildings are original. The walk to the crematorium is long. Morgan and I walked slowly and looked at it all quietly. It’s so much to take in and try to understand. There were lots of people here today, more than we expected. I wonder what is going through their minds.

My heart aches. It’s an ache that comes from being a problem solver and wanting to help the people who had been here but being unable to. It aches because these barbed wire fences and dirt paths have witnessed the cruelty of a world who needs Jesus. It aches because I feel hope for my future, and guilt because their future had none. It’s easy for me to over sympathize and think I can take away some of their hurts by letting myself hurt. But. I was put where I am for a purpose. I am not meant to live in guilt and fear of the past. When we have children, I want them to grow up knowing these pieces of history that shaped us. I want them to understand the incredible blessing we have of living in a free country. And mostly I want them to know that even through all of that death and hopelessness, God reached down to His children in those times and somehow gave them a glimpse of something beyond this world that carried them. I hope your children know this too.

We flew into San Francisco last night at 830 and Gary picked us up. I think we three slept on the way home. It was so happy to wake up in our own little house this morning!♡ my mobility is limited still so I’m mostly on painkillers and sleep. I ended up getting a sub today and will see about tomorrow. Thanks for the well wishes.

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