Kelsey Baerg came to visit March 28th so i didn’t have too much time to be sad i wasn’t still in Italy. He was out for several days and it was honestly the best thing to hang out and talk and be with someone who knew “before marriage”. I drove him to the airport on Monday the 1st. When i got home Morgan and i went over to Jenn and Audrey’s for Southern food with Reubens and Levi for a trip report of sorts. Otherwise our week was pretty normal. Grocery shopping, fire meeting, folks for supper.

We flew out of San Francisco late Thursday night the 4th, for Grant and Cori’s wedding and had an overnight flight to Atlanta. Dillon&Renae, Madison, and Mom picked us up Friday in Dillon’s work pickup, a tight squeeze, and we did some shopping and got lunch before driving out to Louisville, Georgia. We met Dan&Brenda and Ty&Alyssa for supper at this southern buffet place called Angie’s for supper Friday evening and spent the night at Dwonn&Tam’s. Their house is wonderful and in such a quiet, relaxing place that we didn’t really want to leave ever. Saturday morning we were with the family, Mark&Rhoda, Mike&Nada, Ty&Alyssa, Tyson&Megan, Peter&Rach, Les&Lanae, to name just a few. Oh my. I love those people. Always seems way too short with them. We had breakfast and listened to choir and talked and caught up with everyone. Supper in the evening was at school. Ty’s came over to Dwonn’s and the guys went swimming later. Sunday was the wedding where Cori was darling in white and Grant was happy and our emotions were high because we missed Brett and my Dad. The wedding was nice and we got to eat beside Dillon’s and Madi which was a rare treat. Thought about our dear friends Lilly&Sanford in Othello and Charity&Ty in Homeland who got married Sunday as well. Very sad occurrence to know all six people and only go to one of the weddings! Sunday evening we went to a supper at a shed and had to tell everyone goodbye and it seemed we’d only just arrived. Monday for lunch Dillons, Mom, Madi, and us went to Dwonn’s restaurant Home Fresh Bistro for lunch and met Papa Jay & Mama Mary there. So neat to visit places where we have friends like that. My family dropped us off at Atlanta airport late afternoon Monday and we got back to our little house on Hull Road at 130 am or so.

This week we have achievement tests at school so i’ve done some work on my smash book/ travel journal thing and blogged and caught up on some things while my students are thinking their brains out. We were just at home last night which was so great! I made this chicken bruschetta recipe i found online and corn casserole for supper which i never make really but every time i do i absolutely love it. Morgan is working in LA today so not sure when he’ll be home this evening. It’s been windy the last few days so my skirts blow and my hair is tangled and my lungs feel pleased with the fresh air.

So something fun and exciting is happening for us at the end of June! Morgan and I have been wanting for awhile to volunteer or give time somewhere and checked a couple options out that didn’t seem to open up. A couple months ago we got connected with a lady from Edmonton who lives in Honduras now and runs a clinic and a school for children with HIV/AIDS so we’ve been talking to her and we submitted applications, had a phone interview, and were “hired”! So we will be going to teach Grades 1-8 for several months in Honduras, on a little island called Roatan. Honduras has the highest HIV rate in Central America and there is lots of discrimination against the people who have it. The children at this school either have HIV or live in a family that has it so we will be loving these children and hopefully helping them to feel safe. We are so excited about this opportunity to give back for a little bit of time for now at least! We will be leaving the end of June sometime.

That said, Dillon&Renae also called us last week and informed us they put their names in to serve in the mission for a 3 year term! They don’t know where they’re being placed until May so we are waiting to hear! We are very excited about them going…it’s hard to believe i have a younger sibling going to the mission. Makes me feel like I am 45 years old. Dillon&Nae will be the youngest couple in the field when they go i think! So please keep them in your prayers while they await orders from headquarters.

As you can see, it was time for us all to be together as a family and process all this craziness. I just keep thinking how proud Dad would be of all of us growing up and trying to live for God and serving others. Madison teaching in Scio, (she’s going back next year), Mom teaching in Michigan, (also going back) Dillon’s going to the mission. I’m so incredibly proud of my family. Five years ago when Dad died, I never would have guessed this is where we would all be right now. God has truly been so good to us. Thank you, each of you, who prayed and continue to pray for us and help us out, especially those who help Mom when we aren’t close by. We will never forget it.


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