I’m drinking french press coffee on this cold California day out of my least favorite mug but i’m wrapped in my favorite warm mustard sweater which makes up for the mug. the fridge is making funny noises in the kitchen. my weekend high is over and dreams of favorite people from Alberta spin through my mind.

We went to Pincher Creek for Joel&Jenna’s wedding time. It was too short, basically. What else is there to say? We saw as many people as we could in the weekend and it was worth it but now in my little house I’m sad I’m away from all those favorite dears again.

The chili supper is coming up this weekend. Last night we met with James&Jenn to finalize some stuff and then it’s on! We have lots of different chilis coming and cinnamon rolls too. I think we have most of our unsuspecting judges rounded up as well. As a foodie, I’m very excited to try all the things. Bison, shrimp, chicken, and beef chilis are all on the menu. We decided to try this out this year and if it is successful, maybe there is an opportunity for next years to be a fundraiser sort of deal.

in other news, we bought a bus! we drove up by redding and looked at it and drove it home. to say we’re excited would be an understatement. It’s going to be a TON of work but we have the seats out and are working on removing the floor and walls. our game plan is to live in it full time as a house by late next spring. The bus is 30 feet long and 7.75 feet wide with about 165 square feet of living space.

I think we are sort of crazy but we also believe its possible to live simply and still have a fulfilling life. It goes against human nature to have less, I think. We all want to keep things that we slowly gather. I’m in the process of going through our house and getting rid of stuff we don’t need or haven’t used recently. I get in this mindset that because I don’t want to offend anyone, I have to keep everything people give to me whether I’ll use it or not. This should not be the case so I’ve recently worked on myself and if I don’t use it, out it goes. Storage in a bus is very limited, so I think we’ll store our few sentimental boxes somewhere like at folks. They don’t know this yet. And I definitely have a few sentimental boxes. I keep cards from old friends, and dresses from childhood, and shirts that my Dad wore, and notes from my Mom. I suppose everyone has different things they think are special. My mom thinks I get rid of too much.

Anyways, I am going to be working on getting back into the blog here. It’s been sort of touch and go the last couple months but hopefully I can get it back to normal. I have had a new opportunity present itself so I may be doing more blogging than just here, which is super exciting. have a good week everyone! chey


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