Seattle is rainy and cold and organic. The raindrops chase each other down coffee shop windows and brick walls and people’s cheeks. The sun does not shine but I am filled with happiness as I browse through shampoo bars and vegan chocolate and essential oils. Seattle is interesting, there’s no question. I’d live here if I could.

We flew away to Seattle a few days ago and rented a car which we drove to our favorite Tony&Tara at Othello. We had a grand time catching up and spent a night there before driving up to Osoyoos BC for Andrew Thiessen’s wedding that was held on Saturday. I was so happy to see more friends from Westlock and Edberg and Crooked Creek I hadn’t seen for way too long. We had Indian food with Matt&Tiff one evening and spent another with some of Morgans cousins and it was just fun and relaxing. We left early Sunday morning and took the beautiful Hwy 3 drive over to Abbotsford and then down towards Seattle. We found this really cool Airbnb near Seattle and stayed there. It is called the Hygge Tiny House with hygge being a Danish word for contentment and coziness. It was perfectly minimal and tiny. We went to a grocery store and bought things to make gourmet spaghetti which is normal spaghetti with parsley and parmesan. But it was delicious food and we slept listening to the rain on the roof right above our heads in the loft. 10 of 10 would recommend to anyone passing. You can look at it here. This morning we drove into Seattle and checked out a couple of ski gear places and different little shops before we flew out at 4. It was a spectacular trip.

This week I’m going to go crazy and finish sorting stuff for my upcoming garage sale. Madison comes in about a week for her Thanksgiving break and the guest room is in need of CDR cleanup. Plus we are so excited to work on the bus. I’ve been taking out screws here and there but finally there’s only so much I can do without accidentally cutting a wire or some other catastrophic mishap.

Tonight I am trying to sell some stuff for Dad on eBay and Morgan is working on the dishwasher. It’s cool outside and I’m happy fall is a season that comes to California. I’m also happy to have Morgan as a husband. Sometimes I’d just like to brag about him on here but I realize that’s not necessarily what you feel like reading. Stay tuned for a travel interview coming soon if you’re interested!


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