travel day

Kevin&Yolanda dropped the three of us off at the airport at 4. Arrived at our gate fine. And how exciting to see the destination of Dublin on the screen! There are lots of languages being spoken here in the boarding area and they aren’t English. Ha. I’m looking at people as I eat my soggy turkey wrap. There are redheads that I like to think are irish. And Aer Lingus stewardesses dressed in chic teal suits with scarves. Plus some skinny jean clad guys wearing sporty jackets are wandering around by us.

So we all have seats together which is cool. And due to a bad winter storm in Ireland everything is minorly delayed but only a little. Our flight is 10 hours long so we should get to Dublin around 1130 tomorrow. Then a little stop and into Amsterdam! The airline serves supper and breakfast on the plane so I’m interested to see how that is. I’m naturally suspicious. Last time I flew by a man from africa who’d never flown before or had m&ms because he wandered how we grew them. Like carrots? Haha no no I said.  So flying is always interesting. Anyways happy Sunday! See you in Amsterdam❤


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