Well, we’re home from Christmas. Life is back to normal and we’re all caught up on sleep I think. Fortunately our revivals started last week so we can start the cycle again! A quick overview of our Christmas: we spent around 3 days with the Bronson family at Camp Cedarwood in Manitoba. It was a huge lodge with rec rooms, a snow slide, catered meals, a skating spot cleared on the lake, etc. It was a very good time being with family and catching up with the cousins. I was sick so i honestly dont remember all of it so thats frustrating. From there we went back to Micah’s and spent a couple days there with just Morgan’s family. Morgan and I flew out to Denver on Christmas Day where Mom and Madison picked us up. We ate our little Christmas lunch at Tony Roma’s on the way home. We spent about a week in Center with Mom, Madison, Marks, and uncle Mike’s. It was so so fun to be back with my family. Except for Dillon’s were in Michigan with Renae’s family so I missed them terribly. We flew back to California on the 2nd and both had work the next day. Morgan actually left at 5 the next morning for an LA job with dad and I had school.

We were talking about 2018. What a year. We started it off in Belize and Mexico with my family for New Years. In March us and Jalen went to Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Germany and toured around and saw such cool stuff. We camped in the vanagon at Bishop and Santa Cruz and Yosemite random times. Morgan was on a strike team and went to Cambodia..I started, Madison, and I taught teachers prep in PA and met dillon’s for a weekend in Washington D.C…my family came to visit us…grandma jul, grandpa Gary’s and rhoda somehow ended up visiting us too!..we spent time in Kansas City together when madi donated her kidney…and we ended the year together in Canada and Colorado. What a time to be alive♡

Last week was full with Morgan working and school and different evening plans. Friday night our revivals started with Fran Toews from Scio and Bruce Dirks from I think it’s Windsor, Colorado. Ballico is also in meetings now. It seems like after Christmas sickness is here and I’ve had students missing off and on all week so it makes for less people at church in the evenings and lots of catch up work. Report cards are this weekend but due to missing students I’m not sure when I’ll get mine finished up! One great thing is that during meetings the school board wives or different mom’s, I’m not sure how this works yet, bring supper to the teachers after school which is honestly awesome. Occasionally there will be enough for both Morgan and I so it takes care of a supper for us and it sure helps out!

We were supposed to have the ministers over Friday night for supper but they didn’t arrive in the area in time so we had them for Sunday breakfast instead with chorizo breakfast tacos and fresh oranges from our trees! The sermons have been absolutely awesome. Justification by faith, compassion, charity, forgiveness. Simple messages that are so what I need.

It seems like this post is pretty random but hopefully next week it will be more back to normal. Keep Winton in your prayers and Morgan and I also. Seems like Satan is trying so hard to discourage some of our friends and in turn it burdens us. have a good week..cheers to 2019!


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